Mind, Body & Spirit, The Trilogy of Life

Arch Angels

Arch Angel Michael

~*~ Angels Dawning ~*~

Michael is the archangel of protection and balance.

This being works to bring patience and protection against any psychic imbalances or dangers.

Michael helps us to tear down the old and build the new.

  • Element of FIRE
  • The SOUTHERN quarter of the earth
  • The AUTUMN season
  • The colour RED
  • The astrological signs of ARIES, LEO & SAGITTARIUS



Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is the archangel of hope, illumination and love.

He guards the sacred places of the world and the sacred waters of life.

He provides intuitive teachings and illumination of spiritual duties.

~*~ Angels Life ~*~

This includes awakening within us a greater understanding of dreams.

  • Element of WATER
  • The WESTERN quarter of the earth
  • The WINTER  season
  • The colour of EMERALD and SEA GREEN
  • The astrological sings of CANCER, SCORPIO & PISCES



Archangel Raphael
Raphael is the healing archangel, this being works to stimulate energies for life and success.

Raphael awakens a sense of creativity and beauty which stimulates higher mental faculties.

Raphael the keeper of the Holy Grail

~*~ Angels Breath ~*~

  • Element AIR
  • EASTERN quarter of the earth
  • The SPRING season
  • The colour of BLUE & GOLD
  • the signs of GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS



Archangel Uriel

Uriel is the archangel of alchemy andvision.

This being is the tallest of the archangels with eyes that can see across eternity.

Uriel oversees the work of all spirits and works to assist humanity by awakening to them and working in harmony with them.
Working with Uriel will open you to the fairy kingdoms

  • The element of EARTH
  • The NORTHERN quarter of earth
  • The SUMMER season
  • The colour WHITE & EARTH TONES
  • The astrological sings of TAURUS, VIRGO & CAPRICORN


~*~ Angels Wonder ~*~


2 responses

  1. Melinda

    Beautiful pics match each angel! Great work!

    15/10/2011 at 4:10 pm

    • Thank you very much Melinda 😀

      15/10/2011 at 11:29 pm

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