Mind, Body & Spirit, The Trilogy of Life


Angels of the Planets

These Angels possess certain powers over the planets they administer as a kindof governor or ruling prince.  By custom the angelic rulers of the planets are headed collectively by the angel RAHATIEL.  The list of planets was connected intimately with astrology and was formulated based upon the concept of the seven planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with the Sun and Moon.  The Sun & Moon are normally counted in astrology as part of the famed seven planets.

Sun:   Michael

Moon: Gabriel

Mercury: Raphael

Venus: Ariel

Mars: Uriel

Jupiter: Zadkiel or Zachariel

Saturn: Orifield or Zaphiel


Angels of the Week

These angels have authority over the seven days of the week – in much the same fashion as those angels presiding over the planets, hours of the day and months of the year.  The angels give their day special attention.  In legend they can be invoked to assist a person in need.

Sunday:  Michael

Monday:  Gabriel

Tuesday:  Samuel

Wednesday: Raphael

Thursday:  Sachiel

Friday:  Ariel

Saturday:  Cassial


Angels of the Months

These are the angels who rulership or governship over each of the months of the year.

January: Gabriel or Cambiel

February: Barchiel

March: Machidiel or Malhidael

April: Asmodel

May: Ambriel or Almbriel

June: Muriel

July: Verchiel

August: Hamaliel

September: Uriel or Zuriel

October: Barbiel

November: Adnachiel

December: Hanael or Anael


Angels of the Zodiac

These angels were appointed on the tradition that each of the twelve zodiac signs was governed.  They are often to be considered synonymous with the various angels of the months of the year.

Aries: Machidiel

Taurus: Asmodel

Gemini: Ambriel

Cancer: Muriel

Leo: Verchiel

Virgo: Hamaliel

Libra: Uriel

Scorpio: Barbiel

Sagittarius: Adnachiel

Capricorn: Hanael

Aquarius: Gabriel

Pisces: Barchiel



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