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My Personal Power Symbol

My Personal Power Symbol

What my Personal Power Symbol means

This symbol brings with it the Energies of Love, Abundance, Wisdom, Light Vibrations, Energy Flows and Balance.  The Hearts represent Love and depicts the Energy that radiates  from your Soul out into the world at large.  They show your Kind, Caring and Compassionate Nature.   The Infinity signs represent Abundance and show the continual flow of this energy into, out of and through your energy fields in a never-ending cycle.  The Spirals represent Wisdom and depict all the knowledge that you contain.  This Wisdom and Knowledge comes from your life experiences as well as from the Wisdom that is contained within your Soul.  The Sun represents the flow of Light Energy and the positive experiences of life.  The Dotted Lines represent Energy Flows and show the expansion of you creative energy.  The Symmetry of the symbol represents Balance and helps to promote this balanced energy flow in your day-to-day life.

This is the symbol of a Creative Compassionate and Positive Soul.  Don’t hold yourself back and shine your light into the world and manifest your potential.



If  you want your own Personal Power Symbol you will find how to order one at Rekindled Acient Wisdom


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