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Smell be Gone poop spray

Make your own toilet Poop “Smell Be Gone” Spray

Yield – 120ml Glass spray bottle
Preparation Time – 10 minutes

103ml distilled water
1 tsp vegetable glycerine
10 drops doTERRA Rosemary essential oil
20 drops doTERRA Lavender essential oil
10 drops doTERRA Lemongrass essential oil
120ml spray bottle (we recommend using a dark glass spray bottle for storing your homemade oily poop spray!)

Alternative doTERRA Essential Oil Combination 1: 25 drops Eucalyptus essential oil & 25 drops Peppermint essential oil

Alternative doTERRA Essential Oil Combination 2: 25 drops of any Citrus essential oil & 25 drops Geranium essential oil

Combine all ingredients and pour into spray bottle.
Shake well before spraying.
Add 4 sprays to the toilet bowl water BEFORE doing your business.
Enjoy a stink-free experience in the bathroom.

Life Essential Oils
dōTERRA therapeutic grade Essential Oils
For more information message Marion, Elite rank, here


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