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What can learning Reiki do for you?

*Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki*

Learning Reiki can help you in many areas of your life.

Reiki can assist in

  • Relieving pain and removing negativity.
  • Providing deep Relaxation
  • Assisting in detoxification
  • Reiki is compatible with all philosophies and beliefs.

Learning Reiki with Reiki Master Marion

You will learn:

  • · The original system of Usui hands on healing
  • · A comprehensive background of Reiki is given.
  • · Every student is assured of higher levels of life energy through the hands by the end of the seminar.

Reiki Level 1 training

Reiki Level 2 training

Reiki 1 & 2 training

(pay for levels I & II at the same time)

Reiki Masters

Reiki level 1 is the basic course, level 2 is the practitioner course and Masters is the teachers level.

You must have Reiki 1 & 2 before  learning Masters.

Reiki Level 1:

In the basic course, over a 1 day seminar (Approx. 8 Hours) there are four energy attunements. Comprehensive training is given in the metaphysics and hands on of physical techniques of Reiki. Students discover they can relieve pain, stress, negativity and chronic conditions plus gain insight into their possible causation. Each student is assured individual attention and access to higher levels of life energy at the completion of the first seminar.

Reiki Level 2

Some students choose to progress to the Advanced Level, which allows a more potent flow of energy and enables one to work in absentia (over a distance) without direct contact also enhancing telepathic and extra sensory faculties. During this seminar one learns to further decrease negativity and continue to increase the positive flow of energy into their lives. This is also Approx. 8 hours.

What your Reiki Level 1 certificate will look like







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