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Had a go at crocheting a Hedgehog and an Echidna


Happy 90th Birthday Aunty Elva

You don’t look 90

We had it all today

We had Rain and weird Pyramid shaped Hail stones then we got Sun then a bright Rainbow then a Double Rainbow

So cool

my doTERRA Dream kit 2018

Wow just wow

I got my doTERRA Dream Convention kit today plus a few bonuses.

Can’t wait to play with these oils


New doTERRA delivery from the USA


Sunrise Victoria Australia 05/07/2018 7:23am


My New doTERRA order arrived

My oils

I’m starting to get a nice collection of doTERRA essential oils

I’ve had to upgrade

After 24 years of driving my Toyota Seca around I’ve had to upgrade.

Have a Hyundai 2012 i30 now, for me its second owner, it’s a day old.

Has SatNav, Reversing camera and a CD player. Yep my old car was made before CD players were put in cars.

doTERRA Harmony Kit

Got my doTERRA Harmony kit from the USA today

I ordered it on the 18th and it has just arrived, Pretty quick getting here from there.

Green Mandarin is very uplifting, Star Anise smells yummy and Pink Pepper has a warm spicy aroma.

Comes with a blend book with 25 oil blends and 8 bottle lables, 2 Roller ball bottles and some pipettes.