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Distant Healing with Reiki

Once you have reached level 2 in Reiki you will have the ability to send distance healing.     

Sending distant Reiki. First, “call in” (establish the connection) to the person by using the distant healing symbol by either picturing the person in your mind’s eye, writing the person’s name on a piece of paper or with a picture of the person.

Once you have connected tell the person with your thoughts who you are, what you would like to do, then ask for permission to proceed. If you DO NOT get a YES feeling DO NOT PROCEED.

Thank the person for their time and disconnect using the healing symbol.

If you get a yes feeling you can proceed in sending Reiki energy.

If you would like you can use a teddy bear, pillow or rag doll as a “stand-in” or “surrogate” for the person needing the healing. If you use this technique say the person’s name 3 times over the selected surrogate item then use the healing symbol over the front then proceed with a standard treatment using all hand positions with the intent of the Reiki energy going to the person receiving the distant healing.

Once you feel the person has received enough Reiki energy for this moment in time, thank them for accepting the treatment. As you withdraw from the healing session close off by using the healing symbol.

You can also send distant healing to a world crisis, to the Earth, to a group of people or animals.

Distant healing can be the more fortuitous way to give Reiki Healing to animals as animals don’t always want to stand or sit there for you to give them a healing.


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